March 2015

Lent has begun, and with it comes the opportunity to pray and reflect on the nature of this Christian life we all share.  Of course, we are always welcome to pray and reflect, but the Lenten invitation is a more focused invitation, coming as it does with the acknowledgement of our own mortality.  From dust we came and to dust we shall return.  That is the truth, there is no getting around it.  What, then, shall we do with this time in between the dust?


Another way to ask that is, what are the important things, the really, really important things that the church is called to do?  I won’t keep you in suspense, because our time is limited, after all: the most important thing the church can do is worship God and worship God well.  We must take our worship seriously, because it is our worship that sets us apart, it is the one thing that we as the church can offer that nobody else can offer.  


We worship well when we worship God, not our building, not our nation, not our families, not our comfort, but God and God alone.  We worship well when we worship with our whole selves, and we worship well when we worship because we want to worship, not because we think we have to worship.  We worship well when we make worship first about God, then about creation, and then about us.  At the same time, we worship well when we worship in ways that are true to who we are, rather than in imitation of who we think we should be.  We worship well when we stop worrying about how many people are going to show up and how much money they are going to give, and instead focus on our connection to the divine.  


This Lent, I invite you to think about worship, and the ways in which the different parts of worship do (or do not) help bring you closer to God?  Why do they?  Why do they not?  How might we adjust worship?  How might we adjust ourselves?  How might we always keep growing closer to God?

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