June 2015 From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Soon after my daughter learned how to talk, I overheard her playing with her stuffed animals.  At first, she was just babbling as toddlers do, but before long her words took shape and I heard her say, with great solemnity, “This is the airplane, given for you, whenever you do this, do this for me.”  She was only two-years-old, but already the ancient word of the communion liturgy had become familiar, comforting, even playful.  They had already given shape to her life.


I think we underestimate the sacraments.  Protestants put so much emphasis on the Word that we’ve lost track of the sacraments.  The Word is good, of course, but we live in a noisy world, full of many words, and we are bombarded with information.  Turn on the news and you hear words, and see words, and there is music playing, and it all happens quickly.  Words, words, words.  The whole world is shouting.  So how can we get people to hear the Word with all that noise?

By being quiet.  And still.

It’s time to for Protestants to rediscover the power of the sacraments.  Simple words, small movements, repeated again and again.  Imagine a room full of people, all taking over one another trying to be heard.  In the corner of that room, three people begin to quietly break bread, and tell the story of the night of Jesus’ arrest.  One by one, the other people in the room would notice the quiet scene in the corner and turn to find out what was going on.  

The church is the only place that can provide the sacraments.  They are our unique gift to the world.  I think they are the one thing that the church has that people hunger for.  More than the sermon, more than the community, more than the “church family”, more than the mission and outreach, people look to the church for the sacraments.  Especially younger people.  They long for something still and steady.  

In a rapidly changing world, the church needs to remember the sacraments, and practice them as often as possible, and offer them to the world.  The sacraments are what we should hold onto, because they show the world what it means to belong to God.  People don’t need to hear it, they need to see it, and touch it, and taste it.  



                                                                                Pastor Matt

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