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Repairs and Maintenance Fund Raiser


First, the bad news: we do not have as much money as we need. When I say need, I mean bare-bones need. We do not have enough money in the bank to pay for the needed repairs to our building. Not grand upgrades, basic repairs.


We have approximately $26,000 in the bank. We have approximately $45,000 in repairs.




The trustees and session met and made a plan. The plan is this: we will raise the money in small batches, from most urgent to least urgent. There are five repairs that we need to make from now until the end of the year, They are:


Recoating part of the roof: $500

Tuckpointing the bell tower and 6 other areas: $2400

Replace the motor and pump in the north boiler: $1400

Upgrade all boilers to meet code: $600

Replace snow blowers: $TBD

Total: $4900+


Now the good news: We can do this. Together, we can do this. Step by step, we can do this. The first goal-within-the-goal is the $500 to recoat the roof. Let’s do that. We can do that. We will mark our progress, give up dates, celebrate accordingly. Once we get the $500, we will move on to the $2400. We can do this. Look for special envelopes to include with your offering each week.  Look for a thermometer or other such marker of progress. Look for updates and announcements in the bulletin.


We are going to ask Divine Redeemer for help, as well as explore more and better ways to work with them. We are in this together.


This will be an ongoing effort. Once we raise this batch of money, we will move on to the next batch. This is also one part of a larger vision to address operating costs and revenue and ways in which we can continue our faithful, creative, sustainable ministry. The trustees, the sessions, and Matt will do their  best to keep you informed. Please feel free to ask any of them any questions.




Doree Lewis

Matt Lang

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