From the Pastor September/October 2017

Emily, Satchel, and I, and some of our housemates (including Soup Supper’s favorite little guest, Percy) traveled to St. Louis to watch the eclipse. The eclipse itself was everything I’d hoped it would be - exciting, humbling, beautiful, mysterious, strange - and more. I expected it to be great. It was even greater than I expected.


We watched the eclipse from the roof of the City Museum. I had heard about the City Museum from many friends and family, and to a person, they all raved about it. For those of you not familiar with the City Museum, it is part museum, part art installation, part playground for grown-ups, and part hard to describe. I was expecting it to be great. It was even greater than I expected.


I have to imagine that’s how people felt after they met Jesus face to face. They might have heard about him, been told stories about him by many different people, they might have expected him to be great, and upon meeting him they found him to be even greater than expected.


I imagine people who met Jesus were left with a feeling of wonder and awe, a sense that their life was different for having had the encounter. As with the eclipse, they might have traveled some distance to see him and wondered if it would be worth it. On the way home, as they talked amongst themselves, they all agreed: it was completely worth it.


When the church (religion in general) is at its best, it facilitates experiences of wonder and awe, it surprises people, it leaves people talking and sharing stories with others. Like the eclipse, like City Museum, is something we encounter and experience and participate in, even if we don't quite fully comprehend it. The church is not here to explain God, the church is here to introduce God, and stare at God in mutual wonder.



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