From the Pastor November/December 2016

November and December.  The weather turns cold, the wind blows sharper, the days get shorter, and life seems even more transient than we already know it is.  What can we do in the face of change and impermanence but give thanks?  It’s time to give thanks.  It’s time to turn the page on a new liturgical year.  It’s time to turn the page on a new calendar year.  The end equals the beginning.  We could not celebrate the new year if we didn’t let go of the old.  We wouldn’t have a harvest to celebrate if the plants didn’t grow, change, bear fruit, and die.  The harvest is at once a celebration of abundance and an awareness of death.  


I’m feeling good about our church.  In the last newsletter, I asked people to step up and fill out our slate of officers and trustees.  The church answered that call.  And quickly.  Thank you.  That’s worthy of celebration.  It’s good to move toward the end of the year knowing this church is still has life.  


I believe more than I ever have that the church, and this church in particular, has something to offer the world.  More than that, it has something the world needs.  The world needs sacred space in which we can meet each other.  Sacred places in which we can bring our whole selves.  And by whole I mean entire, every part of our self.  All of our broken bits and our triumphs and our shames and our light.  Every single piece of us.


I promise each and every one of you that your whole self is welcome here, as far as I’m concerned.  I think that is the greatest gift that we can offer people, that unconditional acceptance and welcome.  That doesn’t mean we have to agree, or even that we have to like each other.  It goes deeper than that.  We welcome each other even though we disagree, even when we don’t like each other.  


Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that the Chicago Cubs are playing in the World Series.  By the time you read this, Dexter Fowler will have led off Game 1.  In doing so, he became the first black player to play for the Cubs in the World Series.  The last time they went, in 1945, black players were still banned.  Change can be a wonderful thing, indeed.  For all its problems, the world is, on balance, a more welcoming place now. Some old ways have died and made room for new life.  Amen to that.

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