From the Pastor May/June 2017

The season in between Easter and Pentecost is a good time to remember that we a one part of a living, global faith. There is not, and never has been, one way to be the church, one expression of faith in Christ. Christianity looks different in Illinois than it does in Egypt, differend in Vancouver than in India. it looks different now than it did fifty years ago. It looks different, sounds different, feels different.


There is not one way that is right or one way that is wrong, as long as it is all rooted in God’s love, which is the one thing that never changes. God’s love has always been at once steadfast and beyond our comprehension. Christianity looks different across time because our understanding of God’s love is constantly evolving. We keep learning and relearning that God’s love is vast, it is certainly not limited to one group of people in one place at one time. God’s love is transcendent.


Christianity does not belong to any one nationality or ethnicity or language group. Christianity is not only an American faith, not even only a Western faith, it is a global faith. Credit the Holy Spirit for making it so. The Spirit blows far and wide, and reaches people the world over. The Spirit does not stay still, it continues to lead people to God, or, for those of us who already know God, into a deeper relationship with God.


As we come to a deeper understanding of God, we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. We understand the world better and our place in it. The Spirit is always at work, always moving us, always leading to new places, but always leading us closer to God’s love, which is where we belong.

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