From the Pastor May/June 2016

I’ve seen it, many of you have seen it, several of you have mentioned it: good things are happening at our church.  There are more people in the pews, there is more money in the bank accounts, there is generally more good energy in the system.  It’s exciting.  I think this is, in part, the product of three years of relative stability, which is starting to bear fruit.  It is also the result of taking some chances, renting to and working with Divine Redeemer, renting to the Church of Christ, Scientist.  Those arrangements have meant more work, and in some ways more stress, but we would not be in this newly energized position without them.  


I think, by and large, we should keep on keeping on.  What we are doing is working, so no need to mess around too much.  That being said, we should also start to look outward, a little, because after all, the purpose of the church isn’t to exist for the sake of existing.  The purpose of the church is to be the Good News, to build the Kingdom, to worship and witness.  We worship well, now it’s time to think about growing our witness.  How do we show and tell people about the Good News (emphasis on the show)?  I think that’s a good question for us to consider the coming months.  God has been and is being good to us.  How can we not be witnesses to such goodness?





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