From the Pastor March/April 2018

Spring is a season of new beginnings, new leaves on the trees, new plants, new baseball season, and new and renewed life in the church. In Spring we celebrate the resurrection, the most radical and unexpected new beginning of all. The resurrection is important for so many reasons, one of those reasons being that it invites us - compels us? - to imagine a different world.


Imagination is one of our greatest gifts. Imagination is the place where our humanity and divinity intersect, the place where we take what is right in front of us and picture it as being something more. We are human, and we are something more. Imagination is our superpower, it is what makes us fully human.


Resurrection compels us to imagine a more wonderful world. The world of tomorrow won’t look like the world of today, but the resurrection promises that the world of tomorrow will be just as divine as the world of today and yesterday. We are tempted to think that the world is drifting further from God because the world looks different than it used to, but that assumes that God is static and bound to the past, which God is not. God is the Lord of the living. If we think we are drifting further from God, it is because we lack faith, and we lack faith because we lack imagination. Fatih takes imagination, just as it takes courage and love.


Dare to let your imaginations run wild this year. Imagine that nothing is too crazy. Try to think big, think long, imagining what the world and the church could be like ten, twenty, two hundred years from now, knowing that God is not bound by the past, but is also alive and well in the future.





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