From the Pastor July/August 2017

Somebody asked me recently - not knowing that I was a Presbyterian minister - if I believed in God. On the surface, that’s easy: yes. But the question they were

really asking was much deeper. They wanted to know about the God in which I believe. By asking if I believed in God, they were really asking about what I believed and why. That deeper question is much more challenging.

I believe in a very Earthy God, the God found in the the second account ofcreation, the God who sculpts humanity out of clay, who is not afraid to get some dirt under the divine finger nails. I believe in a present God, a God of this world, a God who was revealed most fully in the person of Jesus, a God who walked and talked among us, a God who loves and cares about this world.


Everything we know about God has been revealed in this world through people. We commune must fully with God when we commune with people. We love God most fully when we love people. Indeed, as scripture says, we cannot love God, who we have not seen, unless we first love the brother or sister who we have seen. We cannot fully love God and turn a blind eye to the cares and concerns of God’s people.


Another friend of mine told me I sound like a Christian-Humanist. That sounds about right to me. I’m a Christian who puts a heavy emphasis on the incarnation. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Like the Book of Acts says, we must not stare up into heaven, passively waiting for Christ to come back. We are called to build the Reign of God on Earth, and that is by its nature very Earthy business. God was not afraid to get messy when creating the world, we must not be afraid to get messy, either.




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