From the Pastor January/February 2018

As I write this, we are in the midst of significant renovations on our house. This isn’t new for us, we’ve undergone many since we bought the place, but it has been a while since we’ve had this much work done. It’s messy. And loud. And disruptive. A little bit expensive. Somewhat stressful.


It would have been easier to not have the work done. The house was okay. Not perfect, but okay. Certainly the house before the work was better than the house is now during the work. Now there are boxes and chests and chairs cluttering our living spaces. We have a hole in our ceiling. The work has kicked up a great deal of dust. Our garage is a mess and we can’t park there and I can’t workout there. If you looked at a picture of our house two weeks ago and our house today, and had to choose in what picture did the house look more livable, you’d pick the picture form two weeks ago. And you’d be right.


Of course, if everything goes right, when the work is all done, the house will be better than it was before. This mess is not the end, it is a transition, but it is certainly part of it. There was no way we could get the house we wanted without living with a mess for a while. If we made all our decisions with the end goal of avoiding messes, we wouldn’t get the house we wanted. I’m not sure we’d get anywhere worth going.


Life gets messy, especially in the midst of change. Part of the art of living is discerning the nature of the mess. Is it a mess that comes from neglect, or is it a mess that comes from change. Not all messes are created equal. A mess can be a sure sign of progress.


God doesn’t promise us a life free from messes. There are times God might bring the mess. Indeed, Jesus turned over tables, which I imagine made a huge mess. What God promises is that God will be with us in the mess. Especially in the mess.





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