From the Pastor August

From the Pastor


Maybe you’ve been wondering to yourself, “What’s Matt been up to when he isn’t at church?” Perhaps you haven’t. Regardless, here’s a quick run down:


1) Breakdancing! I’m still at it, every Tuesday night at the Old Town School of Folk Music. I’ve learned the six-step, the two-step, the bucket drop, and the coffee grinder, among others. But no, I can’t spin on my head. Yet.


2) The Hesed Community Cooperative, where Emily, Satchel and I live, is still in the process of becoming a New Worshipping Community. We’ve been awarded a seed grant from the national office, and soon we’re going to start a fundraising and publicity campaign. You can learn about our community at


3) Finally, as some of you know, I’m also a writer. Recently, I went back home to Pennsylvania to see my mom and to promote my first children’s book, The Giraffe’s Mustache. Things went well, I sold some books, and saw many people I hadn’t seen in years. If you’d like more info about the book, you can go to If you’re interested in other things I’ve written, you can go to, but, be warned, most of it is not for kids, or for those who will be shocked to know that your pastor cusses.


Those are the highlights, all that plus parenting and watching baseball. I write this to bring you a little bit into my life. Each of each, everyone of us, have full lives. We’re complicated, there are layers and layers to our hopes and dreams. How could it be any other way? We were each made in the image of God, after all. I think one of the keys to being content, and staying in relationship with people, is to embrace the complications, and see them as part of God’s rich creation. I give thanks that we are all able to share our full lives with each other.





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